The Face Behind Your Wedding Meal

Cooking for large groups is something that most people dread. Holidays approach with eagerness to see family and friends, but the mere thought of preparing a large meal is enough to scare most away from the kitchen.  But, for Morningside Inn‘s Chef Tim, no meal is too large to handle.

wedding meal

Morningside Inn’s fearless Chef Tim

Imagine having to prepare meals for over 100 people each day at work. Scary, right? Well not for Morningside Inn’s fearless Chef Tim. Typically assisted by two other employees, Chef Tim braves the sauna-like heat of the kitchen to create the delicious wedding meal that will sate the appetites of guests and give them energy to celebrate for the rest of the evening.

As if the task of cooking for so many mouths is not daunting enough, Chef Tim and his team must navigate about the kitchen, a two-room space, go downstairs for the cooler, and work around the servers’ prep area. This layout can be tricky with an armful of supplies and a time schedule to stick to. Despite the old saying about too many cooks in the kitchen, Chef Tim is able to seamlessly make his part of the wedding go off without a hitch.

wedding meal

Chef Tim is sure to please any appetite with his delicious meals. Image courtesy of The Crystal Lenz


A couple getting married at Morningside Inn wedding venue has the option of a buffet style or plated wedding meal. Each choice comes with its own difficulties for the kitchen staff to deal with. For a buffet style wedding meal, Chef Tim must correctly estimate how much food will be needed to feed the guests, making sure to not run out or cook too much food. Not only the number of guests but the dish type as well go into the calculations of how much food to make.

When the wedding meal is plated, and served to each guest at the table, the kitchen must turn into an assembly line. Meals are plated right before they are taken out to the dining room and it is up to the kitchen staff to make sure the plates are prepared correctly, that the appropriate amount of each meal choice is given to the servers and that meals for guests with special dietary concerns are sent out at the appropriate time.


As you can see, working in the kitchen is an extremely fast-paced and at times hectic. Add into that mix another speed bump: food allergies. Morningside Inn has catered to the special dietary needs of many a guest’s wedding meal without sacrificing taste or quality. Some advance planning is required, but Chef Tim is able to accommodate to any diet or allergy, having special plates prepared in the kitchen to be served to the guest directly.

wedding menu

Salmon with Sweet Sour Basil Sauce and London Broil are some of the most popular meal choices at Morningside Inn. Image courtesy of The Crystal Lenz

Morningside Inn has also hosted a number of weddings and banquets where special meal options are requested. For example, a recent wedding served a combination of Morningside Inn’s buffet choices and traditional Indian dishes, such as Chicken Tikka. Just because Morningside Inn has a list of food options does not mean that those are the limit; Chef Tim and his team are able to meet most special requests in order to make the couple’s wedding meal unforgettable.

Each wedding meal that Chef Tim prepares garners numerous rave reviews. On the ‘Wall Of Fame’ of reviews in the Morningside Inn office, one will find praise of Tim’s meals in almost each review. It is not uncommon for a guest to insist on personally passing along their complements to Chef Tim. With so many happy customers it is easy to know that one’s wedding meal will be in the best hands when Chef Tim is behind the stove.


Needless to say, managing a kitchen at a wedding venue is not the job for everyone, but there is not another chef who is more fit for the position than Chef Tim. Each time he dons his apron and hot pepper-printed chef pants, Tim produces world-class wedding meals that are pleasing to every guest.