History of Morningside Inn

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A large weeping willow tree on the bank of a pond with a well-manicured lawn leading up a hill to a multi-storied building with various extensions and a glass façade.
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Discover the Charm and History of Morningside Inn

Have you ever wondered about the history of Morningside Inn? This exquisite 300-acre estate is a testament to the beauty of Frederick, Maryland. It’s a place where history meets natural splendor. The building’s first blush is a restored barn from the early 1900s, showcasing our dedication to historical preservation and modern functionality.

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Step into the Past with a Modern Twist

Walking through the front door, you’ll step into a rustic and inviting dining room. The striking, sturdy wooden beams showcasing Amish craftsmanship will immediately catch your eye. These design elements add a touch of elegance to the Morningside Inn charm. Featuring bright, welcoming spaces and breathtaking views of the rolling hills, the dining room is ideal for any occasion.

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Discover the Fairy Tale Reception Room

Descending to the lower level, you’ll find our reception room. The wall-to-wall windows create a light-filled, airy space, with exposed barn stone adding a touch of magical charm. It’s a uniquely enchanting setting, perfect for creating lasting memories.

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Explore Our 300 Acres of Pure Natural Beauty

The surrounding fields and forests of Morningside Inn invite guests to experience nature at its best. Expect to see migrating birds and native wildlife as you explore the rolling hills and dense woods.

A Dairy Farm Turned Racehorse Facility to an Idyllic Country Inn

In the late 1970s, the Cochran family took ownership of this former dairy farm. Over the years, it metamorphosed into a racehorse breeding facility and, finally, into the magnificent Morningside Inn we know today. The Inn first opened its doors in 1995.

A Legacy of Excellence

Three generations of the Cochran family have collectively dedicated their time to transforming Morningside Inn into a haven of elegance. Their unrelenting dedication has paid off, making the Inn one of Maryland’s top-notch wedding venues and a favorite destination for private events and corporate gatherings.

Chef Tim - Morningside Inn
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Meet Our Culinary Maestro, Chef Tim Erfourth

Chef Tim, our executive chef, brings culinary magic to the table from Wisconsin. He’s dedicated to providing quality, homemade fare. Beyond his culinary expertise, Chef Tim enjoys refurbishing his classic Mustang, modeling railroads, and immersing himself in music. He resides in Maryland with his family.

Morningside Inn: An Unforgettable Experience

At Morningside Inn, the Cochran family’s unwavering dedication and Chef Tim’s culinary mastery come together to create lasting memories and extraordinary experiences.