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Six Great Fall Wedding Flower Ideas

Fall is a beautiful time for wedding flower choices. The leaves are changing to vibrant reds and oranges and flowers are blooming left and right.  Morningside Inn is a wonderful wedding venue in the fall because of the wonderful fall colors in the trees.  The red, orange, green, and brown colors make an excellent backdrop for photographs.  If you are considering a fall wedding there are some great fall flower choices.  Here are a list of some wedding flower ideas featuring fall blooms.

Goldenrod: Imagine this beautiful bloom mixed into a bridal bouquet, providing a subtle yet lovely splash of color. When the crisp fall air comes, a nice yellow flower will help to warm up the atmosphere.

Photo courtesy of Medicinal Plants of the Northeast

Russian Sage: Russian Sage has a rich, violet hue that would work as an excellent contrast to the rich, warm tones that fall is known for. Its blooms are rather sturdy, which will help the flower to hold up through the whole wedding.

wedding flower

Photo courtesy of Country Living

HeleniumHelenium blooms come in bright yellow, orange and red blooms, which would be a great reflection of the changing leaves on the trees surrounding Morningside Inn. These blooms are also a sturdy bloom, making it an ideal choice for a long event. Just imagine how lovely this flower would be mixed in with other fall foliage, like pinecones.

wedding flower

Photo courtesy of Landscape Architecture Blog

Sedum: Wow, what a beautiful flower! The unique bloom is a lovely magenta-red hue and it’s small, circular blossoms would be a standout in bouquets or centerpieces. Sedum also would be a lovely option for a boutonniere for the groom!

wedding flower

Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

Fall Crocus: Fall Crocuses have a lovely purple shade with a pop of yellow right in the center of the blooms. They are great, dainty flowers that would be an excellent choice in any floral arrangement. A fall crocus would work well in a small or large bouquet.

wedding flower

Photo courtesy of DIY Network

Red Spider Lily: Topping off the list is the exotic and delicate bloom of the Red Spider Lily. It boasts a gorgeous, inviting red-orange blossom that will take an arrangement to the next level.

wedding flower

Photo courtesy of DeviantArt

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