Wedding Budget Tips

Planning your wedding budget is one of the first steps that should be done.  Money is a universal stressor and there is no reason why a couple (or a whole family) should go into debt to throw a wedding.  Wedding planning website The Knot recommends figuring out your wedding budget and how much money each family member is contributing from the very beginning. It may be an uncomfortable conversation to have, but your budget will impact all planning decisions from there out.  The bill adds up quickly when planning a wedding, especially in terms of food and alcohol. Make sure you do not forget about non-venue expenses, such as the wedding gown, shoes, hair and makeup, jewelry, and transportation.

wedding budget

A handmade sign like this is an inexpensive way to add a personal touch to your wedding. Image courtesy of The Crystal Lenz

Wedding planning websites offer tools to help with organizing a wedding budget, and I recommend that every couple considers taking advantage of these tools. When they are free and easily at your disposal, why not?  Choosing a wedding venue, such as Morningside Inn, that includes the catering, table linens, wait staff, cake knife, etc can reduce costs.

wedding budget

Food budgets can add up, but with Chef Tim your meal will always be exceptional. Image courtesy of The Crystal Lenz










Morningside Inn has seen many weddings that easily slashed budget costs without taking away from the enjoyment of the wedding. Simple ways of cutting costs are making one’s own decorations (such as place cards) and using centerpieces without flowers. Trust me, a table full of candles looks just as nice as a spray of flowers!

wedding budget

Bring the ocean to your wedding! For the beach bum couple, a great way to save some money is to collect seashells for your centerpieces. Image courtesy of Andrea Lauren Interiors

wedding budget

Dried grasses always give a rustic yet refined look to a centerpiece. They are available in craft stores and can be made pretty far in advance; no need to worry about them wilting! Image courtesy of Martha Stewart

wedding budget

Fruits, or any item with the same color, when placed in a vase looks elegant. Think about items specific to your season, such as cranberries or cinnamon sticks for winter. Image courtesy of Martha Stewart

Wedding budget

Candles are a great replacement for flowers. They are inexpensive and can really add to the ambiance of the room. Image courtesy of Martha Stewart

wedding budget

Books are an excellent idea for the intellectual couple. You could choose your favorite authors and put their books at each table for a new idea on table themes. Image courtesy of Off Beat Bride












There are many tips and ideas for cutting costs available in magazines, books and online. Pinterest is hugely popular for DIY brides. So, if you just do a little digging you can find ways to seriously save some money while planning your wedding budget!


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