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Choosing Your Wedding Vendors

Choosing wedding vendors is a major step in your planning process. These are the people who are going to make your day run, and every bride deserves the best of the best. 

Wedding Vendors include photographers, DJs, caterers, florists, and wedding planners. At Morningside Inn, each bride is provided an on-site wedding planner and caterer. We highly recommend using the services from our preferred vendors, The Crystal Lenz (Morningside Inn Photography Studio), Soundsations (DJ), and Flowers by Wendy Carol (florist). If you choose these recommended vendors, your planning process is simplified things will run smoother with our professional teams and you can focus on your wedding style!

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Working with the best team will make you jump for joy on your wedding day! choose our preferred photography service.

Wedding Coordinator: Your right-hand (Wo)man

Making sure that you have the best staff for your wedding will play a huge part in having an event that runs smoothly from start to finish, and throughout the planning process. At Morningside Inn, the event planners and staff are expertly trained to keep weddings running like a well-oiled machine. Any bridal magazine or wedding planning website will advise brides to consider hiring a wedding planner.

The advantages of hiring a wedding planner may not seem like much, but one can be of great help, attending to details to that may not seem apparent, but that will ensure a smoothly running event.

Wedding coordinators will help to appease a lot of stress from a bride’s shoulders. They are hired for the entire planning process or even just for the day of your wedding.

Benefits of an In-House Wedding Coordinator

When a bride books her wedding at Morningside Inn, she will be assigned a wedding coordinator, who will go through all the details from start to finish. Not only are Morningside Inn planners knowledgeable about the venue, but they will also consult with the couple to plan the menu, the décor and the timetable for the big day; they do not miss a beat!

Morningside Inn coordinators will work with other wedding vendors to make sure that every part of your wedding is the best it can be.

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Our chefs are sure to please any appetite with their delicious meals.

When you choose Morningside Inn wedding venue, a couple will not only get a wedding planner for the whole planning process but also for the day of the event! A Morningside Inn bride will have her wedding coordinator on site when she arrives, and the coordinator will be there through the end of the wedding reception. This way, the wedding coordinator can make sure that everything runs according to time while also allowing for adjustments to the timetable if needed.

Hiring a wedding coordinator helps to give peace of mind to a bride when she is planning a day that should be as carefree as possible. When having a Morningside Inn coordinator, brides will get the best of the bunch. They can rest assured that their staff will make the wedding as enjoyable as possible for the couple, their family, and their friends.


Additional Wedding Vendors: The Rest of the Team.

A special aspect of Morningside Inn is their list of preferred wedding vendors. These vendors have established a relationship with Morningside Inn that can only come from exceptional performance and top-of-the-line service.

Morningside Inn wedding planners will work side by side with their preferred wedding vendors to get everything ready for a couple’s wedding. The bride and groom will not have to worry about personally contacting these vendors and planning every detail. Morningside Inn wedding coordinators will take care of the fine print, such as arrival times.

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Image Courtesy of Karen Rodkey Cakes

Search For Perfect Wedding Vendors

When choosing any or all of these services, your wedding will undoubtedly be a day to remember for a lifetime.