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Morningside Inn Wedding Planner

You are engaged and the wedding planning process is beginning. A wedding planner is on your radar but what do they do for you? If you choose Morningside Inn as your wedding venue, then you will have wedding planners on-site that will work with you to make your day go off without a hitch.

Morningside Inn’s wedding planners, Lauren, Shannon and Katie, are expertly trained in making a wedding run smoothly. When you book your wedding at Morningside Inn, one of them will be assigned to your wedding and will ensure that all your dreams come true.

So what does a Morningside Inn wedding planner do?

Our wedding planners will be involved with your special day from shortly after booking until when you are leaving the venue as a newlywed. Once a Morningside Inn wedding planner is assigned to your wedding, they will be in touch with you to start Morningside Inn’s side of the planning process.

Shortly after booking with Morningside Inn, your wedding planner will email a comprehensive online Wedding Planning Tool. Which guides you through the process. 

  • Guest Count & Seating
  • Vendors
  • Decorations
  • Layout
  • Menu Items
  • Ceremony Layout & Participants
  • Bar & Champagne Toast
  • Linen Colors

As you can tell, the planning session with a Morningside Inn coordinator is very comprehensive. Lauren, Shannon and Katie make sure to cover all the bases, so most brides will not need to hire any outside wedding coordinators.

A Morningside Inn wedding planner will also help a couple line up their vendors. They can recommend certain vendors for various services; Morningside Inn’s recommended vendors are a great choice since they have all built up excellent professional relationships with Morningside Inn through their superior performance and reliability.

Morningside Inn vendors will also schedule a rehearsal for the wedding ceremony before the big day. During this appointment, all members of the wedding party and immediate family will walk through the ceremony so each person know where to go and what to do. This is extremely helpful, as it facilitates a smooth wedding ceremony with no confusion.

What will you need a private wedding planner for?

There is a difference between a Morningside Inn wedding planner and a privately hired wedding planner. Hired wedding planners are most beneficial to the bride on the day of her wedding. They will make sure that all of the bride’s needs are met on her big day and are responsible for coordinating with the vendors to make sure they show up on time and do their job correctly.

You will need to hire a private wedding planner if you would like help with tasks such as:

  • Going on dress fittings
  • Visiting outside vendors
  • Preparing decorations (such as cutting out or ordering name cards)

Our wedding planners are Morningside Inn allow a bride to have a more independent planning process. Their job is to meet your requests for the wedding venue, along with directing the Morningside Inn employees the day of the wedding. You can read the wedding venue reviews from WeddingWire to see how pleased Morningside Inn brides have been in the past.  We are also on Wedding Directory – A wedding directory that offering all things about wedding, Wedding Favors, Wedding Flower, Wedding Photographer, Invitations and more. Having one knowledgable person in charge of all aspects of a wedding will ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible in order for the couple to have the best wedding imaginable.