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Bec and Mike: Summer Maryland Wedding

Enjoy this summer Maryland wedding held at Morningside Inn.

The video begins with a close-up photograph of the bride and groom with an expansive farmland backdrop. Personalized printed M&M candies in the wedding theme colors of white, red, and beige printed with individual messages, such as “Becca & Mike” and “Together Forever”. The bride wore a white gown with a gorgeous red train, which tied in nicely with the wedding theme colors. The bride is on broad winding stairs leading to the lower level to the wedding reception room. The groomsmen posed on the green rolling hills to the back of the Morningside Inn. Several ponds grace this Maryland wedding venue and provide excellent photograph opportunities. The bride and groom are seen walking next to another pond on the expansive property. The next photo in the video displays the groomsmen walking from the Morningside Event Services (MES) building. Our on-site wedding photographer and florist studios are in this building. The paved drive between the MES building and the main building has a picturesque wall of stone. The bride and bride’s maids pose on the side deck leading to the Maryland weddings at Morningside Inn Pavilion. Flower arrangements were used to decorate the pavilion for the wedding ceremony. Morningside Inn is a country retreat set on the back of 300 acres of farmland, there is a natural backdrop at any angle, the photographic possibilities are endless.

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