RL Media Production

It is our primary goal to touch our client’s lives, their families, and friends, with our heartfelt video.

RL Media specializes in creating excellent quality, very personalized, and handcrafted wedding video that you will cherish for the years to come. Check out how amazing, our products look like.

We work and communicate very closely with our clients. We want to make sure that we capture every detail of your event. Our team of professionals works hard and efficiently on your special day, armed with the best equipment we can get our hands on. We are always ready, anticipating every moment as they unfold. A wedding day has enough story by itself. We are very discreet and shoot unobtrusively.

We continuously invest in our equipment, making sure that we have the best tools available to capture your special event. We are also lifelong learners and are always on the lookout on how we can improve our techniques.

We love shooting weddings because every couple is unique and that means your video is original. The videos posted here are carefully crafted for each event – some are fun and fast paced, while some are slower and more emotional. We treat every project as a masterpiece, intricately woven together(Handcrafted just for you). You can see what our clients have said about us in the client testimonials section.

We are very humbled in considering us, as one of your option to shoot your special day. Rest assured, that it will be done professionally and with our best efforts. You can count on RL Media Production.

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www.RLmediapro.com || Touching lives thru our heartfelt videos, one couple at a time.



We are deeply humbled and truly honored to be FEATURED on weddingwire and RealWedTV.