Getting A Maryland Marriage License

When a couple gets married, it takes more than just choosing a wedding venue,  having the ceremony and reception to make everything legal. Read on to learn how to obtain a Maryland marriage license.

Maryland Marraige License

To get a Maryland marriage license, the requirements vary from county to county. The US Marriage License website recommends that your paperwork be taken care of at least one month before your wedding date.

Getting the Maryland marriage license paperwork completed that far in advance may seem like overkill. But, it does not hurt to get these things taken care of well ahead of time. Knowing that those documents are complete will take a load of stress off a couple’s shoulders.

The base requirements for each Maryland marriage license that are consistence through all counties are as follows:

  • Photo ID, Social Security Number, state and county of birth.
  • NO residency requirement for a Maryland marriage license (you do not have to live in Maryland).
  • Application must be made in the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office in the county where the wedding will take place. This means that if you are getting married at Morningside Inn, you would need to apply at the Frederick Circuit Court Clerk’s Office, even if you live in another county.
  • A valid proof of any previous marriage’s termination, such as a divorce judgement or death certificate.
  • Application fee paid in cash. This ranges from $35 to $85.
  • Two day waiting period for the Maryland marriage license after submitting an application.
  • Applicants that are 16-17 years old must present either the consent of a parent/guardian or a physician’s proof that the woman is pregnant or has given birth.
  • Applicants that are 15 years old must present both parent/guardian consent and a physician’s proof that the woman is pregnant or has given birth.


maryland marriage license

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Another thing to be mindful of is getting your name formally changed. Just because your Maryland marriage license has your new name printed on it (if you are taking your spouse’s last name) does not mean that your name has legally been changed.

There are many ways to legally change your name.

    • Social Security SS-5 form: this formal document requires a marriage license; proof of age, identity and U.S. citizenship. Ten days after submitting your application, the Social Security Administration will notify the IRS of your name change. From there, you need to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to update your driver’s license. Bring your marriage license and make sure to inform the association of any address change if you and your spouse move. Once you get your new identification cards (this may take two to three weeks) make sure you formally change your name on all other important documents and organizations such as:
      • Banks
      • Doctors
      • Loans
      • Utility companies
      • Employer
      • Insurance companies
      • Club memberships
    • The Internet offers multiple options for changing your name. One quick, easy and legal method is using the marriage name change kit from

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