Top 3 Creative Wedding Favor Ideas of 2015

Top 3 Creative Wedding Favor Ideas of 2015

Wedding favors have really come a long way since our parents got married way back when! Gone are the days of Jordan almonds wrapped in tulle with coordinating ribbon. Brides today are looking for creative wedding favors to thank their guests for attending. In my experience as a coordinator, the way to the guest’s hearts is through their stomach! People love edible favors!

1. Candy Buffets

Candy buffets are becoming increasingly popular. Not only is it fun to pick out candy in colors that match the wedding theme but this can be doubled as a dessert and a favor. This also gives everyone a variety of things to choose from since guests are helping themselves.

2. Cookie Buffets

Cookie buffets go hand in hand with a candy buffet. Not only is this a favor/dessert combination, but it’s a great way to get the extended family involved with helping for the wedding. Everyone has a few cousins or aunts who are dying to contribute. Why not have them bake cookies or brownies for a display during the reception. This again adds quite a variety and gives people an option other than cake for dessert. I’ve also seen cookie and hot chocolate mix in a jar, gourmet truffles, popcorn, s’mores kits in cute bags, candy apples (great for fall weddings), individually wrapped cake pops and cookies and more!

3. Useful & Creative Wedding Favors

Other things that work really nicely as favors include items that are useful to guests. Providing a large basket of flip flops in various sizes allows all the ladies to kick off their heels and boogie in something more comfortable on the dance floor. Then they can take them home to be worn again. Drink koozies are another hot item. A box of these at the bar allows the guys to grab a few for their drinks and they can be used again at home as well. Lip balm is one of my favorite non-edible favors. Everyone can use an extra chap stick and brides can personalize these with fun flavors, scents and their wedding date.

Favors don’t have to be expensive either. I’ve had several brides make their own gifts for guests. One sweet option was honey from the bride’s own apiary. She packaged it in small plastic bears, which also doubled as place cards since she wrote the name of each guest on each bear. A different bride made her own strawberry jam to be positioned at each place setting for dinner. I even worked with one couple who didn’t spend a dime on physical items for their guests. Instead, they made signs for each table explaining that a donation had been made on behalf of each guests to the couple’s favorite charity.

There are so many creative options that each bride can really have fun with favors and make them something their guests won’t forget! Sometimes the most simple ideas are the biggest hits!

This post was written by Lauren Conklin, Sales Manager.  Morningside Inn is a rustic outside wedding venue located in Frederick, Maryland.  Attend our next open house event or schedule a private tour with Lauren today!